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 The Holy Grail of Forex Trading Simple & Profitable One-Click Trading Ten Main Pairs

      The Holy Grail Indicator sits on a blank chart on your MetaTrader and gives a real time readout of 6 important indicators and 3 Moving Averages translated into Neutral and weak or strong buy and sell signals. What is uniquely powerful is that I have found a way to indicate both sideways movement (which produces false buy and sell signals in all indicators) and overbought/oversold - this is shown by the question marks. This also prevents trades during the violent moves after an unexpected news release as at least the shorter time frames will be showing overbought or oversold. When we look back at the chart and see a 100 pip rise we may regret not taking a trade but in practice the price will have been whiplashing around and could just have easily hit the SL as the TP.

    You can input Stop Loss and Take Profit and place a trade with one click on the SELL/BUY buttons at the bottom.

    We use the M1 and M5 for scalping a few pips, the M15, M30 and H1 for normal day trading and the H4, D1 and W1 for long term trades for a few hundred pips over several days or even weeks.

Read the Guide page for complete information before buying. Can only be used with MetaTrader.

    Holy Grail is fixed to your account number so cannot be used on any other MT4 so it is necessary to input your account number when purchasing. If you want automated trading, see our AutoTrading page.

Account Number

 Holy Grail Ultimate Indicator $99.00 Thank you.

7 day refund guarantee - contact me, NOT PayPal.

 Recommended Brokers - choose ECN and 1:500 Leverage. Forex Time can be Swap free (inside your back office).

Trader's Way offers US clients the same conditions as the rest of the world. Unregulated but 100% trustworthy.

However, they have a minimum of 0.1 Lots for Gold which means a minimum of $1,500 capital.



 All the best and good trading, John Campbell Contact: John@OrionZen.com