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The Holy Grail of Forex Trading Simple & Profitable Longer Term Automated Trading

Third Party Proofing From 29th November: Currently in drawdown because of open trades.

    Due to the extraordinary trading conditions, we updated the Holy Grail EAs by combining them into one EA which has a no loss, multiple trade strategy (maximum 3 trade sequence). This strategy is very profitable but can be dangerous when trading lower time frames. However, it can work extremely well on the longer term daily and Four Hour charts on several instruments to give sensible profits without having to worry about poor conditions or losing runs.

    Our main concern these days has to be safety but to try and achieve this in the normal way is failing under the unusual conditions and most traders are losing money. The new Holy Grail EA makes a good attempt to predict a buy or a sell but, if it gets it wrong, it adds another slightly larger trade and moves the Take Profit closer until the inevitable retrace hits the TP and secures a winning trade. This is why, for gold for example, you see the report showing 10 trades but in fact there were only six. With the larger TPs used, this is extremely effective and relatively safe.

    Below are the backtests for the first 10 months of 2017 using new Super Safe Settings. Shown for the recommended $2,500, you can use a minimum of $500 to achieve proportional results. Understand that trades may take anything from less than a day to a three weeks with the average being 8 or 9 days.

Gold on D1, 0.05 Lots per $2,500, $990 Profit and $610 drawdown.

USD/JPY on H4, 0.1 Lots per $2,500, $1,1,20 profit and $520 drawdown.

GBP/USD on  H4, 0.1 Lots per $2,500, $1,440 profit and $510 drawdown.

USD/CHF on H4, 0.1 Lots per $2,500, $1,020 profit and $460 drawdown.

EUR/GBP on D1, 0.1 Lots per $2,500, $1,000 profit and $650 drawdown.

CAD/JPY on H4, 0.1 Lots per $2,500, $1,100 profit and $400 drawdown.

German DAX on H4, 0.1 Lots per $2,500, $1,500 profit and $350 drawdown.

   This totals 69 trades and an average of $810 per month or over 30% return with no losses. Where losses are shown in the report, it will be one tiny losing trade combined with 1 winning trade to give an overall profit.

   The package consists of the the Holy Grail EA which is tied to your account number but does not expire, plus 7 one-click setup files for the EA (trading the 7 instruments) to configure it with the correct settings. Since conditions may change in trading, I suggest you read the 'BackTesting' page so that you can become independent and make any future adjustments yourself. That said, the current settings have worked over the whole of this year, which included some crazy conditions and changed considerably from the summer onwards.

   A VPS is essential (see our VPS Guide Page) as you must have a guaranteed Internet connection at the time the trades are triggered plus it is beneficial to have just a few microseconds lag to the broker .

Account Number

$197.00 One off payment. Thank you.

 7 day refund guarantee, contact me, not PayPal please!

Previous Commodity Trader and Daily Trade clients email me for a discount.

    You really should have your MetaTrader running on a VPS - see my VPS Guide page. All the instructions work for installing on a VPS but, of course, you must either copy and paste from your own computer into the VPS or, probably better, copy all the files onto the VPS desktop and work entirely within the VPS. You certainly need to copy and paste the 6 .set files to the VPS desktop.

Download the tpl file here RIGHT click and save).

    I will email you the EA and the 7 .set files which will only run on the account number you gave. Save the files to a folder on your hard drive or preferably a backup, external drive. Copy the HolyGrail.tpl file and open up your MT4. File - Open Data Folder and paste it into the templates folder. Copy the HolyGrail2.ex4, File - Open Data Folder MQL4 - Experts and paste it into the experts folder. Restart MetaTrader.

   Now we need to set up the six charts. Click on the Market Watch button as shown above (beneath View and Insert) and to make sure all the instruments are shown, Right click in the window and click 'Show all'. Find the USD/JPY, RIGHT click on it and click Chart Window to open up the chart. Repeat for the GBP/USD, USD/CHF, Gold (shown as Spot Gold or XAUSD), EUR/GBP, CAD/JPY and the DAX (German Stock Market Index GDAXlm on FXTM but Trader's Way does not have Indicies). Close the Market Watch Window. You should always have the Terminal window open (ringed above), to monitor your trades and the button for this can be seen depressed above underneath Charts and Tools. Next, RIGHT click on the USD/JPY chart, templates and click HolyGrail to set the chart up complete with the EA - set the charts according to te set files - H4 or D1.

   You should have AutoTrading turned off (at the top) when installing or the EA may open a trade immediately. Obviously turn it back on to start trading. We now need to install the EA by loading the template file. RIGHT click on each chart - Templates and click on HolyGrail. This will set the charts reasonably and load the EA.

    In order to load the correct settings we need to use the .set files which should have been copied to your desktop. RIGHT click on the first chart - Experts Advisors - Properties and go to the Inputs tab. Click on Load and point it to the desktop where it will show the 7 .set files - double click on the correct one (obviously if you are on the USD/JPY chart choose USDJPY, etc.).

   Repeat the process for all the charts and turn on Autotrading at the top of MetaTrader as shown below. and, if needs be, adjust the candle size by click on the + or - magnifying glasses but these should be OK if you loaded the .tpl file.

   The set files should give you a different Magic Number for each chart but check this. Below are the settings which I have kept very simple.

    Note that the 'Trade Limit' is set to 4 by default which means that after a sequence of 4 trades, the EA inputs a Stop Loss and stops trading any more. We should never need more than 3 trades, so 4 is quite safe but does represent a large loss of capital should the SL be hit. You can decrease it to 3 to limit losses or increase it to unlimited if you have extra capital and want to cover a worst case scenario! Be aware that capital is used up alarmingly fast after five trades and disappears after six!

    LOT Sizes.

   The Lot sizes shown are the maximum recommended and are pushing the limits if you have two trades open together bother on full drawdown. unless you have some reserve capital to cover a worst case scenario, you may want to reduce them slightly since we can still make big profits.

   Gold: 0.02 per $1,000 (note that the EA really needs a minimum of 0.02 or 0.03 to work efficiently).

   USD/CHF 0.03 per $1,000.

   Everything else 0.04 per $1,000

   Finally, to check that each EA is working, flip through the charts and make sure there is a smiley face next to the name of the EA top right of each chart.

    Note that if exceptional conditions exist for a particular pair (such as the Brexit vote or the US elections, or possible dramatic news etc.) we should turn of trading for the affected pairs (if trades are open, set the Lot size to zero so that no new trade sequence is started or if no trades are open, untick the 'Allow live trading' box in the EA Properties). Normal financial news releases are not a problem.

    Tip to avoid overnight Swap Fees with FXTM. Since some trades will be open for a few weeks, swap fees can mount up. One cunning trick is to close old trades and open new ones manually at the current price with the same Lot size and TP. This will give you exactly the same result but with no swap fees for another week. However, you must always leave at least one trade in the sequence open otherwise the EA will no longer be in control of the trade. For this reason, I would only recommend this technique to experienced trades. You have to pay the commission again but this will be less than repeated swap fees!

If you want to become an independent trader, you must learn how to back test and update the settings here.

Recommended Brokers - choose ECN and 1:500 Leverage. Forex Time can be Swap free (inside your back office). However, they have a minimum of 0.1 Lots for oil needing $2.5k to trade this instrument.

Trader's Way offers US clients the same conditions as the rest of the world. Unregulated but 100% trustworthy.

However, they have a minimum of 0.1 Lots for Gold which means a minimum of $5,000 capital.


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